Local SEO: What it is and how to do it


Local SEO is a branch of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dedicated to activities like restaurants and shops, professionals who offer their services to local and franchise level. Local SEO brings together all those actions, tools, and strategies that aim to improve the visibility and availability of a local business in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

A global survey by Google, in partnership with Ipsos MediaCT, shows that 90% of people search for local information before going personally to the establishment. Searches range from looking for places to eat, general last-minute services, values, ratings, among other things.

The data from the same study also reveals that 50% of consumers who search locally using smartphones, visit the store on the same day, and 18% end up completing a transaction in the same period. In contrast, only 7% of those who go before doing the research, make the purchase.

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How to do local SEO for your business in 2020

1. Have a website optimized for mobile

Having a website is one of the first requirements that any SEO strategy makes. If you want to be well ranked in local SEO, have an optimized website that is mobile friendly. Also, be concerned with offering a good user experience with relevant and easily accessible data.

2. Sign up for Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool in which you register to achieve a local ranking. It is a promotion tool for businesses that want to become more relevant when searching for local users.

To sign up for this Google service, just follow a few steps:

  • Go to Google My Business website and click on “Appear on Google”;
  • Choose the type of your business.
  • A menu will appear with the options: establishment, coverage area (services) and brand;
  • Search for your business on the map (if it is already located by Google).
  • Request the claim of the address (Google usually sends a letter with a code to confirm on the platform the authenticity of the place);
  • If your business is not located by Google, you must fill in all the requested data.
  • They are company name, address, neighborhood, city, state, zip code, telephone and business category.
  • Remember to fill in this field with the type of business, not what you sell.
  • Google helps to complete the information in the space;
  • Review the data, read and agree to the terms of service and continue with the process.

3. Link Building for Local SEO

Link Building is the strategy of linking your content to other materials of relevance and quality. According to  Moz , backlinks are the most important ranking factor for local organic results. You can get backlinks to your pages by producing relevant content, such as guides and manuals, as well as creating a guest post. With these two actions you will gain backlinks and generate qualified traffic for your website.

4. Keywords Research

Content is king – I believe you must have heard this phrase. With keyword-friendly posts, you can rank your site faster in a short period. Write good, relevant and usefull content for your potential customers, that will help them, they wil interact more and also search engines will love it.

To find high-ranking keywords, you can:

  • Make a list of keywords relevant to your business;
  • use Google autocomplete and related searches (at the bottom of a search results page);
  • access Google Keyword Planner – a tool from Google adwords to research keywords and insights.

When using keywords in your content, be careful not to over do it. Excessive use of keywords can cost your site’s ranking.

5. Keep monitoring results

Always be aware of your ranking on search engines and ensure your site’s is still being listed on Google My Business. Always do the following:

  • Respond to comments
  • Keep your csutomers informed
  • Constanly update your page

Final Thoughts

Local SEO is a great way to make your business visible and stand out among your competitors. Local SEO can drive you much relevant traffic to your website and also to your location. Local traffic and local customers might be much more important than traffic from visitors from other parts of your country. This is of course not relevant for business running onlineshops who wishes maximum traffic and maximum conversions.

Now that you know what local SEO is all about, It’s time to put your business on the frontline.